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Consignment Agreement Form

  • The following constitutes the agreement (“Agreement”) between Sports Memorabilia World L.L.C., an Arizona limited liability company, trade name-Auction of Champions (“Auction of Champions”) and "Consignor"

    1. Consignments. The undersigned consignor consigns to Auction of Champions certain personal property/sports memorabilia and or collectibles, hereafter referred to as “items” or “lot”, to be sold by Auction of Champions at public auction. Items consigned with Auction of Champions shall be shipped to 519 W Lone Cactus Drive Suite 201, Phoenix, AZ 85027 along with an itemized list of each individual item. Items consigned to Auction of Champions is that of the undersigned consignor and by signing this document, you are certifying that you are the owner, have good, transferable, title to, or have been given the right to sell, in law, these items in our auction. Auction of Champions shall be responsible for any loss or damage to items while under the control of Auction of Champions. We strongly recommend consignors insure any items shipped to Auction of Champions as we cannot be responsible for any items until they are in Auction of Champions’ possession. Please ship all items with signature confirmation.
    2. Right to sell. Auction of Champions shall have the exclusive right to sell the items to the highest bidder or underbid price. Auction of Champions will prepare a fully detailed online description that includes any pertinent information. Auction of Champions will determine the starting bid for each item or lot of items, hereafter referred to as “the minimum bid”, at the time the items are received by Auction of Champions. No item or lot of items will have a reserve price in the no reserve auction. Reserve prices in the reserve auction shall be agreed upon by Auction of Champions and the consignor. Minimum bids are $1 in all no reserve auction formats. The minimum bid price is not negotiable. Consignor cannot withdraw items in possession of Auction of Champions. Auction of Champions reserves the right to pull any item at any time throughout the entire auction process, upon our discretion. Auction of Champions reserves the right to deny any potential item deemed not suitable for auction. Auction of Champions reserves the right to combine items into one lot if the value of a single item is deemed not high enough.
    3. Commissions. Consignor shall pay full price of commission to Auction of Champions. Commission amount is based on final sale price of the item. Commission Scale is as follows:

      Below $34 - $5 commission

      $35-$249 - 15%

      $250-$499 - 12.5%

      $500-$2499 - 10%

      $2500-$9999 - 5%

      Over $10000 - 0%

      Commission fees are not negotiable. Consignors ARE NOT allowed to place bids on their own items. Any lot that does not reach the set reserve in the reserve auction will be relisted in an upcoming auction. If the reserve is not met for a second time the consignor may request or Auction of Champions may send the item back to the consignor and the consignor is subject to a $20 (twenty dollar) fee. Consignor agrees to pay for any shipping charges on unsold items and on items which have failed to be authenticated by a third-party authentication service of our choosing.
    4. Authenticity. All items listed in auction by Auction of Champions must have full authentication from one of the following authentication companies; JSA, Beckett, PSA/DNA, Fanatics, MLB, Tri-Star, Upper Deck, Steiner Sports, Schwartz Sports, Radtke Sports, Lojo Sports, Leaf, Stacks of Plaques, Hollywood Collectibles, Total Sports Enterprises, Online Authentics, Panini, USA Sports Marketing, SGC, Pro Player, JP's Sports & Rock Solid Promotions, AI Verified, Mead Chasky Sports, Five Star Grading, All World Memorabilia and the Patriots Alumni Club/Diamond Legends. If consignor consigns an item(s) to Auction of Champions that is not fully authenticated by said companies, the consigned item(s) is to be authenticated by James Spence Authentication (JSA) before being listed in auction. Consignor is responsible for fees associated with authentication of their item(s).
    5. Accounting and payments. . Provided Auction of Champions receives payment from the buyer no later than thirty (30) business days after the end of the auction, Auction of Champions shall provide consignor with a finalized list of sold item(s) which can be found on their consignor dashboard and remit to consignor final price from the sale of item(s)/lot(s) less the following: commission, any authentication fees if applicable and any pre-determined expenses associated with the item(s)/lot(s) sale. If the highest bidder fails to pay for any lot, Auction of Champions reserves the right to relist the item for sale. Auction of Champions has no duty or obligation to enforce or collect payment from any buyer. If no payment is received from buyer on any lot after thirty (30) business days, the consignor may withdraw the lot. Unsold lots are rolled over to a future auction with the consignor’s permission, otherwise, it is mailed back to the consignor and the shipping fee is deducted from the consignor’s settlement.
    6. Title to Merchandise/Authenticity. Title to merchandise consigned to Auction of Champions by consignor shall remain in consignee’s possession until such property is sold by Auction of Champions, in the regular course of business. Consignor represents that the item(s) are free and clear of all liens as to indemnify and hold Auction of Champions harmless. Consignor takes 100% responsibility for authenticity of all items regardless if an item is deemed not authentic and returned to Auction of Champions at any later date, in which consignor will reimburse for full selling price plus all commissions. No term or terms of this agreement may be altered by other than in writing in the same formality as this Agreement and must be signed by any and all parties with the same formality as this Agreement.
    7. Construction waiver. Superior Court of Maricopa County, AZ, or Desert Ridge Justice Court of Maricopa County, AZ, to be determined by local rule of jurisdiction determined by valuation of claim shall have exclusive jurisdiction and be venue for the resolution of any claims or controversies arising from this agreement. Consignor and Sports Memorabilia World L.L.C. agree that this agreement is entered under the laws of the State of Arizona.

    Consignor: IMPORTANT: By signing this agreement, you contractually agree to all terms, conditions, and fees (1-7) listed in the document. Your signature (electronic or hand signed) on this agreement is also required for replacement value insurances to be in effect while your item(s) are in Auction of Champions’ possession
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